About Us

Or Mission: Clan of the American Eagle is a clan of covens who train clergy in the Black Forest Clan tradition of Wicca, founded by Silver Ravenwolf. Black Forest Clan has clans across North America, and is the only Pagan licensed clergy in The State of Texas. We welcome all who earnestly seek to grow in connection to the Goddess and God through the Wiccan path, and are willing to dedicate to a three-to-five year, intensive study program with the goal of achieving licensed clergy status in Texas.




Who We Are

We are part of Silver Ravenwolf's Black Forest Clan. Black Forest has over 400 members and a 20+ year history. We are very serious about our mission to worship and train; my husband and I are one of only 23 clans to hold chartered Clan Head status granted by Silver Ravenwolf.

The covens of our clan are composed of a very diverse membership; women and men from all backgrounds: medical and other professionals, mechanics, law enforcement officers, business owners, school teachers, etc.

You must be 18 to dedicate, and our members represent every age group, from 18 to seniors.

Our membership includes members of many races, straight, lesbian, gay, you name it! Black Forest and Clan of the American Eagle never, ever discriminates based on these factors and has a zero-tolerance policy towards any such discrimination or behavior. Please realize and understand that we are a very solid, and family oriented Clan. This means that we must be very careful about who becomes a Black Forest dedicant. We must take certain precautions, such as background checks, for that chain to remain strong, a safe environment for our children, and bring together those who are of like mind where our ways of practice are concerned.


When We Meet

Our Clan meets, usually in Deer Park, TX, every other Thursday at 7:30 PM for classes during the regular school year (roughly Sept.-June) on subjects ranging from Stonehenge to defensive magick, depending on the interest of the person teaching. Students research and present a 45-60 minute class on what interests them. We have students who attend by telephone and Skype. All handouts are posted on our members-only website for American Eagle Clan students to study. Our archives go back to 2007. As a part of the clergy program you will eventually teach classes.

We have open circle sabbats about eight times per year, based on the Wiccan holiday celebrations. Open circles allow members to bring family and other guests to participate in the ritual, celebration party, or both. As a part of the clergy program you will eventually write and perform sabbat rituals.

There will also occasionally be special meetings, workshops, and life-event rituals that members are expected to attend and support. Finally, there are annual meetings that require travel out of state.


Seminary Program


The Goal and Benefits

This is truly a working/learning organization. It is a clergy seminary training program. There are ten written lessons that must be turned in routinely, usually within three months, over a three + year time period. The biggest reason people are "former BFC" members is that they did not want to complete the work. You don't get something for nothing - the lessons are for a reason. You will learn a tremendous amount of information.

At completion of the program you are eligible for licensed clergy status in Texas. BFC is the only pagan licensed clergy in Texas.

This is not an easy program but it will teach you more than any program out there. We have resources from 400+ people, and about a third of them are third degree witches with a minimum of four years study behind them. Read Silver Ravenwolf's many books to see our level of dedication. This program includes a lot of memorization and a lot of oral recitation for altar dedications, quarter calls, circle cast, rituals, etc.

When completed, you will have, at the minimum, a working knowledge of Wiccan theology, clan and coven organization and administration, the knowledge and legal license to perform handfastings, wiccanings, and funerals, over ten magickal disciplines, including high magick specialties, and practical application of all of these in a coven setting.


To Be Successful

Black Forest has a set a high standard of religious system and magickal training. This Tradition was created by Silver RavenWolf. Black Forest is a life-long commitment, so in order to be Black Forest one must live the ways of Black Forest.

The seminary program takes three years and three days, if completed early, and successfully. Subsequent facilitator and practical training requires up to an additional two years. It's reasonable to expect to train for about five years.

The lessons are intensive, requiring a great deal or study, research, and writing. Each lesson, in addition to classes and holiday rituals that you will create and perform, must be completed in about two months.

You must be willing and able to travel to attend Sabbats, Esbats, and study groups. As mentioned, most events are in Deer Park, but some take place at locations around the greater Houston area.


The Enrollment and Dedication Process

First, we will schedule a meeting in a restaurant or similar public place to discuss your interest and that Black Forest is a good match for your goals. Then you may be invited to attend open circle holiday celebrations, and open classes to help you decide if Clan of the American Eagle is right for you.

After a few visits, you may decide to "dedicate" to Black Forest, which is a life-long dedication to our Wiccan tradition; or, you may decide that you haven't found the right fit, and we part ways in love and light.

If you dedicate to Black Forest, you will become a member of one of our covens and begin seminary training.

The dues are $25 per year ALL year and due by November 1. Lessons are $20 for all lessons payable on receipt of individual lessons. We used the dues to offset travel expenses for annual out-of-state meetings, supplies, and other expenses that benefit the Clan.